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Radiant Diyas for Festive Glow

Experience the enchanting glow of our exquisite Diya collection, designed to add warmth and elegance to your every celebration.
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Light Up Your Life!
Introducing the panchmukhi water sensor diya, a 5-in-1 marvel that adds magic to your home.
Shine Bright Like a Crystal
Add a touch of elegance to your decor with our crystal tea light holder. Shine on!
Lotus Light Magic: Smart Diya Set with Water Sensor

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Shine Bright, Celebrate Right
Our 16 LED diya deepak brown string lights are the ultimate festive accessory.
Traditional Clay Diya Set
Make your occasions radiant with our clay wax mataki diyas.
Electric Gold LED Diya
Turn your celebrations into a mesmerizing spectacle with our electric gold LED diya.
Shine Brighter with Our Flower Power Tea-Light Holder
Get ready to illuminate your celebrations with these gorgeous metal diyas.
Flower Power Meets Festive Flare!
Laxmi & Ganesha Blessing Diya
Let the divine light of Laxmi and Ganesha brighten your home.
Twice the Light, Twice the Blessings!
Share the light of peace and spirituality with these elegant brass lamps.
Light up your moments of joy with our brass panchdeep diya – a symbol of warmth and togetherness.